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Cremation Guidance

What is Cremation?

Cremation is the mechanical process that reduces human remains to ashes or “cremains”. This is typically done with a flame-based cremation process, however water-based cremations are becoming more available. Generally cremation is done as an alternative to a ground burial, however it is possible to bury cremated remains in a standard burial plot for those who still wish to have that option.

Some cultures have a long standing tradition of cremation, and there has recently been an increase in the number of people choosing cremation over a burial. Many people appreciate the flexibility cremation offers, both in choosing a final disposition location and for planning any services to celebrate the life of their loved one.

Service Options With Cremation

It is a common misconception that cremation limits your choices for planning funerals or other services, but this is not true. In many ways, cremation increases the options and provides a wider degree of personalization than a traditional funeral service and burial might. Some families prefer cremation because it allows more time for them to travel and come together to form plans for services or time to process their feelings of grief immediately following a death.

While you can still choose to hold a traditional funeral with a viewing followed by a cremation, many people prefer to hold a memorial service or celebration of life at a later date where the cremated remains may or may not be present, depending on the preferences of the family. You may also choose to hold a ceremony or service to memorialize the scattering of cremated remains. There are countless options and ways to customize your plans based on what best honors and suits your loved one. We are experienced in a variety of service options and are happy to discuss your wishes to help create a plan tailored for you and your family.

Memorials and Final Disposition Choices

When thinking about cremation, most people visualize the traditional urn with cremated remains kept on the mantle or another special place in the home. While this is certainly one option, there are several other ways people may choose to handle the final disposition of cremated remains.

  • Many people find comfort in knowing there is a special location where they can go visit a loved one after they’ve passed away. Interment of cremated remains allows for the burial of an urn in a special memorial site or family plot. Some cemeteries offer sites specifically for cremated remains. It is also possible for the cremated remains of more than one person to share a plot, typically spouses or family members who wish to be buried together.
  • Cremation niches or columbariums are above ground options that also provide a memorable location for remembering and honoring a loved one. Just like a burial plaque for a ground burial or interment, it is possible to get a memorialization for a niche or columbarium space with your family member’s name and other important details or memories inscribed on it.
  • Remains may be scattered in nature, with many people choosing locations near the ocean or other places that were special to their loved one. You may also choose a scattering garden available at some cemeteries, or scatter remains on private property. Some people also decide to retain a small portion of the ashes in a keepsake urn, while scattering the rest in a special place.

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